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Why and Where – Tennis?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

BBT Cup | City's hottest tennis venues | Sydney

Other than being a great activity for physical well-being, now more than ever sport like tennis is fantastic for your mental health. There is no time to think about what happened at work today, whether you filled the car up with petrol or purchased your transport to the meeting you have interstate, in the middle of whipping a cross court forehand! Let’s be honest, the feeling of seeing that ball spin and caress the base line is sensational let alone doing it multiple times.

It develops friendships, a community spirit and stimulates the body and mind, hence why particularly now, tennis is becoming a highly attractive sport.

So where should you play? Sydney has plenty of options on offer and the best part, you can pick and select what surface you wish to be challenged on each week. Clay, Hardcourt Synthetic and Grass can be found in a variety of places, perhaps not well publicised.

Check out some of these top locations:

Barclay Tennis – Macquarie University Sports Fields

Hidden close to Macquarie Shopping Centre and University this complex has it all. 12 courts with clay courts imported from Italy and one from Switzerland along with brand new hardcourts, this place is inviting for the tennis enthusiasts.

Sydney Olympic Park Tennis

Famous for the Olympics and ATP Tournaments, this place is well equipped to handle high level tournaments and local community matches.

Manly Tennis Centre

Not far from the iconic Manly beach, you can enjoy a few matches followed by a session in the surf. Not to be missed.

Cooper Park Tennis

The Eastern Suburbs delight for day and night play. Full sized synthetic grass tennis courts close to your favourite cafes’.

Birchgrove Tennis

Some of the best views in town, you should head down to play on Sydney Harbour, great aspect and meet some of the regular players daily.

Marrickville Lawn Tennis

Looking for that Wimbledon feeling that champions are made on, get out to Marrickville Lawn Tennis. Followed by a great lunch in the hip Marrickville district.

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