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Train with the best at Vince Barclay Tennis Academy

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Over his career, Vince Barclay has built up more than 5 highly successful tennis centres, culminating in the Macquarie University Tennis Centre. In the course of this, he has personally been responsible for the installation of more than 30 tennis courts. It is safe to say that there are few, if any, people in the country who come close to his knowledge, experience and expertise in the field.

BBT Cup | Vince Barclay Tennis Academy | VBTA
Vince, Tomoko & David Barclay

He is a highly recognized elite coach with over 40 years’ experience, Vince has coached tennis professionals including Rennae Stubbs Jamie Morgan, and numerous junior players (college scholarships). He has travelled with and coached alongside Tony Roche (16 GS), who is also a close friend and frequent visitor at the Academy. His extensive experience in running successful tournaments and attracting tennis stars to appear at events and cementing professional links with the sport's governing body, Tennis Australia – is second nature to him.

His partner, Tomoko Barclay brings operational experience of more than two decades co-ordinating tournaments, managing players and coaches and dealings with Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia and attracting the Japanese rising stars, this partnership lives and breathes the sport.

David Barclay (Vince Barclay's son), is a touring professional, David spends most of his time traveling and playing tournaments on the ATP circuit, primarily across the Asia-Pacific region. During his training blocks back at the Academy, he enjoys coaching young tennis players that are also looking to become professionals. He is regularly seen on the court coaching and mentoring the athletes and is very hands on with the running of the centre and ensuring tournaments are highly successful. There is no doubt that this family was built for tennis.

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