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BBT Cup Player
Tournament Terms & Conditions

7, 8, 9 ,10 July 2022

BBT Cup Player Tournament Terms and Conditions

These tournament rules are developed by the hosts of the BBT Cup for the purposes of ensuring the orderly and fair administration of the tournament. By competing in the BBT Cup tournament you agree to the terms and conditions below.

1) Open Competition

The BBT Cup is open for entry to all Men and Women competing in a singles tournament with a UTR rating of 7+ for Women and 8+ for Men. The tournament organisers will also offer wildcard invitations to players without a UTR to compete. Players will be drawn to play matches as final determined by the hosts no earlier than 3 days before the event.

2) Marketing and Data

All players agree to grant and assign to the hosts the right in perpetuity to market, use, display, post on social media from time to time and at their discretion, any pictures, live or taped video content and content produced during the event for the purposes of marketing the event and any future event developed by the hosts. It is acknowledged and agree that such content may be used during and after the event for such purposes.



3) Weather and Postponement

Due to unforeseen circumstances whether due to instances of a pandemic, weather or matters outside of the control of the parties, the event will be postponed to a future time determined by the hosts and notified to the players. The players agree to reasonably attend the future date scheduled for the event.


4) Registration & Fees

All players must register for the event and pay the registration fee prior to competing at the event. The players participation at the tournament is subject to the registration requirements of the BBT Cup hosts as implemented at their discretion as well as any measures the hosts may introduce in the interests of the tournament.
Withdrawal from the tournament - Players that withdraw from the tournament prior to the withdrawal deadline ( 1 Julyl 2022 ) will receive a refund of their registration fee less $15.00 administrative fee. Where the withdrawal occurs after 1 July 2022 you agree that no refund will be payable to the player.

5) Prize Money

Prize Money shall be paid as advertised by the hosts of the BBT Cup. The Prize Money will be equally allocated for Men and Women. The amounts to be paid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed competitors will be determined on the day of the finals by the hosts of the tournament. The players waive any rights or claims to the Prize Money in event of failure to compete in accordance with the terms herein including but not limited to meeting the standards required, completing the competition, behaving in a sportsmanlike manner and adhering to the tennis format set by the hosts of the tournament.

6) Rules of Tennis

All players must adhere to the generally acceptable principles and rules of tennis set out by the International Tennis Federation, unless otherwise specified by the BBT Cup Hosts.

7) Tennis Match Format

All men’s singles matches to be in round robin  format 2 sets with match tiebreaker and all women’s singles matches to be in Single elimination format 2 sets with match tiebreaker.

8) Officials

The hosts and officials of the BBT Cup shall have the final authority on all officiating matters and any decision made shall be the final position at the time.

 9) Medical

All players consent to pay for all costs associated with any medical treatment required or attended to by the hosts of the BBT Cup and acknowledge and understand that the hosts are not responsible for medical treatments. The players release and discharge BBT Cup and the hosts, their officers, directors, employees and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, cost, loss, injury you may suffer or sustain, by negligence or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law in connection with any medial and health treatments you receive at the event.


10) Risk of Sport

You acknowledge that playing in the BBT Cup tennis tournament exposes you to certain risks of injury, illness or other health related issues. Your participation at the BBT Cup tournament is at your own risk and accept the risks associated with playing the sport.

11) Court Surface

Players will be drawn to play on either clay or hardcourt surfaces during the tournament as determined by the hosts. The players accept that the matches may alternate or be scheduled for one surface throughout the tournament as notified in the final and published draw prior to the event. No player shall dispute the surface court decided for their match.

12) Behaviour

All players must respect the rules of the game and their opponents during the tournament. Audible or visible obscenity, physical abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated by the hosts and may result in forfeiting the match as ultimately determined by the officials and host. Such conduct must not occur on or off the court where the event is hosted.

13) Coaching

Zero coaching is tolerated during warm up and the match. Players face the risk of forfeiting their match as determined by officials or the hosts if upon reasonable belief the player has received any form of coaching from coaches, parents or others during such time.

14) Spectator Behaviour

All players are responsible for the conduct of their supporters including any inappropriate behaviour and may result in the refusal of entry to the tournament or forfeiture of the match.

15) Privacy

The BBT Cup hosts require your information for registration and marketing purposes, the players agree and acknowledge may publish online and any other media channels your name, date of birth, UTR rating and other relevant information for the purposes of promoting you and the tournament. You also agree that the BBT Cup hosts may provide your personal information to third parties responsible for administering the UTR in which case it will only be used for such purposes. You agree to the collection and use of your personal information for the purposes of administering the tournament and all future tournaments for the BBT Cup. All other rules in respect to the privacy of your information will be found at

16) Warranty

You warrant and agree that you accept the terms herein, freely and voluntarily accept the terms of the tournament and warrant that the information provided to the hosts are true and correct and will be relied on by the hosts for the purposes of managing the tournament and all communications relating to it.

17) Enjoy

Most importantly, enjoy the competition, showcase your hard work and achieve great success. Best to all players.


18) Variation of these Terms

Due to unforeseen events, changes to player registrations, the hosts of the BBT Cup may from time to time need to change these terms or the tournament draw which will be notified to you from time to time prior to the event. You agree to any reasonable variations imposed in order for the proper and efficient delivery of the tournament and in the interests of all parties.

Updated : 15 Jun 2022

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